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Hulden Morse is the author of Soul Suites and two upcoming books: To Behold the Greatest Art, and Like a Bear in a Zoo. His novels and stories typically depict society at its darkest moments, edging on surreal while showcasing incredible moments in a believable fashion. His books have been characterized as controversial and twisted, which draws in many new readers through their own curiosity.

Outside of writing, Hulden Morse is an avid kayaker, rock climber, and tennis player. He is versatile in many instruments, including the piano, harmonica, tuba, and didgeridoo. When he's developing a new story, Hulden Morse prefers to sit in his backyard while sipping on whiskey and listening to classical music.

My Books
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Soul Suites

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To Behold the Greatest Art

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Like a Bear in a Zoo

short stories


A lonely recluse, hiding from his own species after enduring a childhood of abuse and neglect, meets an extraterrestrial being when its spaceship crashes in a secluded forest. The lonely man and this curious Alien, who dubs himself Larry, strike up an unusual friendship based on trust and a mutual love of nature. However, Larry's motives come into question when he showcases the strange customs of his home planet.

Hulden Morse

praise for hulden morse

Hulden's writing is haunting. It sticks with you. You'll be thinking of the story long after you finished reading it.

-Karen Rangel

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