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Soul Suites

The CEO of a nonprofit organization goes undercover as a homeless person, hoping to gain some important information regarding his company. This CEO mysteriously disappears from the streets of Chicago. While an investigation ensues, one that uncovers wrongdoings in many previously respected companies, the CEO awakens in an unknown room, strapped to a table, surrounded by people in lab coats. Soul Suites is a frightening, fast-paced story about ingenuity, discovery, and the darkness that exists within every human soul.

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To Behold the Greatest Art

Alexander Monroe is a starving artist, suffering a fate all too common in the art community. However, after attempting to commit suicide and slipping into a coma, society grabs hold of his story and turns it viral, catapulting the artist into stardom. When Alexander Monroe miraculously awakens from the coma, he is suddenly famous, wealthy, and has everything he's always wanted. But something is wrong. People around him are dying, and he does not remember committing suicide or ever being depressed. And it is not long before this artist begins to see his world through different eyes.

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Like a Bear in a Zoo

Thomas Hart has it all: a great job, a beautiful wife, and two wonderful children. And then, his daughter goes missing. With the kidnappers taunting him at every twist and turn, Hart and his wife dump every part of their being into the search, remaining hopeful that their daughter would be found... until their son goes missing as well. Having lost all control over his life, Thomas Hart begins to hear things, see things, and feel things. He is being watched by someone, hunted, and no one can figure out why. Like a Bear in a Zoo dives into the psyche of persons coping with the loss of a loved one, enabling the reader to bear witness to the unraveling of a human life.

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