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What's the point?

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Why is there any reason to read my blog? What do I have to say that could possibly interest you?

and here you are, reading.

Nothing qualifies me to preach to the masses and enforce any sort of opinion upon your lives. And so I will do no such thing. My purpose here is merely to entertain. The same goes for my novels: they are intended to take the reader on an adventure, hopefully one that is riveting and worth the journey, only to dump them once the adventure has concluded and leave that reader with some lasting impression of my story. There is no intention of social change or mass brainwashing, merely a plot that can be enjoyed by millions.

In this blog, I speak about my personal experiences and may occasionally offer an opinion on subject matter, but with no interest in whether someone believes me or not. That is inconsequential. I merely wish to share my love of writing and thinking with the world, and hopefully those that have found their way to my website, including you, have a love of reading. Therefore, enjoy my blog for what it is: a carelessly crafted space for me to rant. And above all, enjoy my books for what they are: carefully crafted stories.

So, step into the world of my mind. It is dark in here, sometimes frightening, but is that not half the fun? Knowing what thoughts await you is horribly overrated. Embrace the unexpected, thrive through instability, and feel the rush of creativity that accompanies an unregulated consciousness.

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